Team coaching has proven to be a very successful program for leadership groups and is available at your work site,  a neutral site, or retreat venue.

The process starts with the leader will fills out team goals ideas, sets the date, time, and location.  Each individual has an hour of  pre-work, followed by the full day coaching session.  The team begins the day as as a group, with skill-set evaluation, then individual coaching with Russ, and on to reunite with the group, to create and finalize goals and strategy.  Follow-up meetings generally occur at 3 and 6 month intervals. This format helps cohesiveness and team unity in any team environment. This can be very helpful in a workplace environment, sports,or social groups.

Russ operates worldwide using various video mediums.

Russ is a Certified IACC Life Coach, Certified Mentor, Crisis Counselor, and member of the Life Coach Training Institute