Relationship and Personal Coach

As your relationship coach, I will focus on you. I will be in your court, giving you the confidence and support to be successful in your life and in your relationships.  It all starts around a being a happy you! Do you have that feeling of being unfulfilled in life? Are you just there and don't really know why? Are you stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out? Together we can take a deep dive into this and help curate the vision of you that you always dreamed you could be. 

In the real world, people like you for who you are. The “authentic you”, not who you think you should be. Our first sessions will center on who that is. What are your beliefs, core values, and needs? What do you get excited and passionate about? Many people look for friends in all the wrong places. Hanging out in places where we may meet people with similar interests as us. will more likely result in someone that will have the potential to be a real friend

We will explore interests: sports, hobbies, pastimes, interests, church, volunteering, education. Exploring these give us tools to unlock your future and help you feel fulfilled.  What are you doing in regard to health and fitness; how are you caring for your body? We can keep you on track and focused holding you accountable for attaining your goals.

Having the best clothes, car, or house is not important. Feeling fulfilled and having purpose is. So instead of trying to keep up with the Jones', you can concentrate on you first! 

In summary, we will take a deep dive into you, see who you really are, and what is holding you back. From there, we can create step-by-step plans to get you to that point.