How are You Percieved?

Taking a few minutes to review how you come across in an interview or conversation, can be life changing.  I am not talking about the way you dress or how you look [although dressing for success is also important]. I am talking about how you come across, how you are perceived. The great news is - it is very easily fixed! Just knowing how you come across and taking some time to practice, can make a big difference.


The way you sit, move, and project yourself, gives the person you are talking to many clues about you are. Do you sit still, look around, hold eye contact, or sit back in the chair? Are you confident, open, and conversational? Are you listening intently, understanding, and responding well?


At Life Curated, this is one of the many things that we review. A video-taped, 10-minute interview or conversational situation, followed by review and discussion, gives us some great clues to work with on improving how people may see you.


Try it today. Contact Russ Blakeborough, Certified Life Coach with Life Curated