As your Executive coach and Career coach, the focus we will be on how to get you to the next level and beyond. We will evaluate where you are now, where you want to be, what is holding you back - and then create a step-by step plan to get there.

Some of our discussion points will be: 360 degrees of management, core principles, leadership style, educational needs, presentation skills, strategic thinking, who-you-know strategy, confidence building, public speaking, building your case, getting noticed, dressing for success, and character flaws.

Once created, our plan will take quick, deliberate, and strategic actions to get you started on your way to that next level.  We will build the plan based on your ideals and be sure to incorporate these views and beliefs into your journey. For both your short-term, and your long-term success, it is vitally important to do it your way.  We will also address family and quality of life balance, as this is such a strong and important part of developing a sustainable future.



This style of coaching is centered around improving the performance of your business.

The first thing we review are your guiding principles.  What do you and your brand stand for?  What is your mission statement and stated purpose, and how well do you abide by them?  What are the goals for the future: in two, five, ten, and twenty years? What is your business culture?

Then we move on to revenues, seeking out ways that we can help your business grow and become more profitable. Our philosophy has always been that revenue is king. Focusing on the top line has to be the priority; without revenue there is no business. Having a great product that people want, having superior customer service, being creative, analytical, and evaluating where you are leaving money on the table is critical. These are just some of the areas we will explore with you.

Of course, the bottom line is also vitally important. How we save money:  Not by saving on the necessary services that are needed to keep up the quality of what we do, but by eliminating waste, reducing unnecessary expenses, and increasing efficiencies.  These are then evaluated and turned into a strategic and measurable, step-by-step plan. Our bi-weekly calls are designed to keep you focused and on track, holding you and your team accountable, and following up on the steps that you [we] have created for your business' performance.